Interior design – how to decorate your bedroom

Bedroom should represent the palace where you would feel most relaxed after a hard working day, your sanctuary and oasis of piece that would bring you good rest and healthy sleep. This is the place where your day begins and where it ends. It is important to choose appropriate accommodation that will fulfill all your needs for comfort and relaxation.

1. The less is more

When you are decorating your bedroom, keep in mind that accumulation of unnecessary things will only make the place look more crowded and chaotic. Cluttered bedroom is the worst thing you can make while choosing your interior.

2. Position of a bedroom

It’s important to separate bedroom from a living area so you can ensure peaceful and quite environment. Position of your bedroom should be between bathroom and wardrobe. And in the same time separated from a living room, so while someone is watching television, you can easily rest in peace.
It is recommended that you choose east side of your house to place a bedroom so that sun can shine over your window every day. This will make waking up more comfortable and it is always good to know that rays of sun have antibacterial effect when they penetrate deep into a space.

3. Size of a bedroom

For an average person it is necessity that room has 15 cubic meters of air and for children that amount goes to 8 cubic meters. Considering that height of the walls is 2.5 meters, minimal size of a bedroom should be from 10 to 12 square meters for two and for one person size of a bedroom should go up to 8 square meters.

4. Choose appropriate bed6368844445_224x168
Comfortable sleep is an imperative, so the selection of appropriate bed, mattress, and pillows is not an easy task. Today you
have large variety on the market but you must keep in mind that the main task of every bed is to allow a natural posture of the body and total relaxation. On the quality of the sleep significant effect has the position of the bed. It is proven that head when is turned towards the north ensures the best sleep due to electromagnetic waves and their impact on the sleep. You should place night cabinets on each side of the bed that is if you have couples bed, you can decorate them with pictures and scented candles.

5. Wardrobe

The best choice is to use built in wardrobe, it will blend into environment and you will get more space. They usually come with sliding doors and one side of the door can be used for installment of the full length mirror. This type of the wardrobes gives you better sense for organization and they come in all sizes and colors.

6. Color of the bedroom
The best color for the bedroom walls is the one that suits you the most. However, there are some pointers, for example: lavender color can calm you and it’s pleasantly warm. If you decide to use dark brown, you can paint one wall and other walls should remain in white. The color of white coffee is also suitable for bedroom walls as anti-stress.

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Top Interior Designers In California

top interior designers
Good interior designers are hard to come by. With all the different tastes, lifestyles and budgets people have, it makes it difficult to find a designer you click with. After scouring the internet, we’ve narrowed down our top 5 favorite designers based on price, design taste and reputation.

  1. Artistic Designs for Living
    ADL’s mission is to deliver creative designs with a business mindset. We ensure our clients style and vision is reflected in a unique way. ADL adheres to high quality design standards and approaches each project with a focus on scope, schedule and budget.
  2. 27 Diamonds – Pasadena Interior Design Firm
    27 Diamonds was established in 2008 with a simple vision: become one of the premier Los Angeles interior designers. They continuously aim to deliver quality design services that match the exacting tastes of residents in southern California, including Los Angeles County, Pasadena and Glendale.
  3. Bungalow 56
    Bungalow 56 is an award winning Coronado & San Diego Interior Design Firm. We tailor a blend of organic and contemporary design elements to create gorgeously curated spaces. They specialize in Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodels, Drafting, 3-D Renderings, Project Management Services, Interior Decorating, Paint Color Selections, Furniture Packages, and Home Staging.
  4. Kerrie K.Kelly
    Northern California interior designer Kerrie Kelly founded Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in 1995. She is an award-winning interior designer, author and multi-media consultant, helping national brands reach the interior design market.
  5. Niche Interiors
    Principal Designer and Owner Jennifer Jones brings a well-honed and well-traveled eye to Niche Interiors. A native Californian who studied Art History in Rome, Jennifer’s designs achieve an elusive blend of sophistication and sustainability


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Interior design – Decorating Advice

A home should be the safest and most comfortable place in the world. The place you will relax in after the long days work, or just simply take the day off and enjoy your free time.Everyone would like to have a beautiful stylish home, well decorated and organized but it’s not as easy to achieve as it seems. Many people struggle with decorations and organization of furniture, so in this article we will help you with several ideas you could implement to improve your home.

First thing that comes to mind is decorating your couch or a sofa with lots of pillows. Pile on the pillows, one pair usually feels scarce, so instead, use two pairs. Preferably two pairs that contrast each other in color, texture and pattern. If you have a small room, you should buy a bigger bed. Small furniture just makes the room feel smaller so instead, try buying a high bed with a tall headboard and your room will instantly feel larger.A trick not many people use is to leave the cabinets open. Show what you have behind the closed doors because it’s always more interesting having them open.

Another trick for small rooms that seems crazy is painting the walls in darker colors. Contrary to what you would expect, they will actually make the room seem larger.Wallpapers are great, especially for a makeover for your closet doors. Pick a suitable pattern and you will see the difference.You probably haven’t realized this but using a real rug instead of a bath mat in your bathroom is actually a great idea. It’s made to withstand a lot more wear than an occasional wet foot, plus, it will look a lot better.


If you’ve been listening to other people your whole life and taking examples from others, maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Not every living room needs to have a sofa. Use classic armchairs with a small table in the middle and focus your attention to each other rather than a TV.

If you’re a kind of person that likes to read before sleep, or like ample amounts of light, try adding four lamps in your bedroom instead of two. Table and chair legs sometimes look awful and disconnect the room, to avoid this you can use skirted furniture to bind it all together.Every room needs green. Add plants to every room in your house, they are not only beautiful, they are helpful too. Plants will balance humidity and filtrate toxic gasses from the air as well.If you want your furniture to last and not demand maintenance every few years, most durable fabrics for dining chairs are leather and vinyl.

Thing most people forget is closet lighting. Take care of your closets, paint them, paper them and most importantly light them, nothing’s worse than having to choose your outfit in the dark.

With these tips we hope we have been helpful and that you will find them useful. Take a look around your home, see what’s missing and follow these advices.

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Stairs in the apartment

If you are bored look of steps that you have in the interior with a few changes you can give them a new look and a modern look. Meeting the criteria of practicality and aesthetics gives a large number of original solutions. If you are bored look of steps that you have in your apartment or house with a few changes you can give them a new look and a modern look. Primary Function staircase is convenience, and aesthetics. Satisfying both criteria gives a great number of original solutions.

The first condition that should be satisfied with the steps that are used in the comfort of housing determined by the ratio of the height and width of steps, enough width of the flight as well as a safe material of the tread. When prerequisite for the good of the stairs met the following criteria is security that is present in every aspect of the design of the staircase.

Security is satisfied by selecting non-slip material and adequate fencing or necessary grip. If you only choose the material for the stairs, make sure that the material is not too slippery especially when it comes in contact with water.In case you already have steps you can literally cover with carpeting or carpet path and thus reduce the risk of slipping. In this way, you can always change the appearance of that. the color of the staircase.
If the staircase and single-console, be sure to set the fence from the open side of the staircase especially if you have small children. If the bifurcated or circular staircase, framed by a wall on all sides full extent is set to handle a minimum of one hand.How stairs would seem claustrophobic and gloomy needed adequate lighting. The most beautiful effect gives natural light. Uniformly lit staircase daylight visually wider, brighter and more pleasant to use. If there is no daylight it is necessary to lighting. That lighting would not be too strong and therefore unpleasant to the eye’s recommendation or jump directly indirectly lighting walkways. Indirect lighting underneath the entrusted work stair or direct the lower part of the wall can be a discreet indication of climbing in the evening.

Often the stairwell in the apartment is disregarded as part of the area of the apartment that was lost. It does not necessarily serve only to connect the floors. With the help of decorations can become a recognizable match in the apartment.

Decorate forehead steps painting in one or more colors or glue a decorative carpet. The extra space or “lost” space that occurs under the stairs is the eternal dilemma of how to take maximum advantage. In reliance where such excess space occurs, it can serve many purposes. Within the rooms can be used for housing the built cabinets, and in the hallway for storage. It can also become a handy place for storing small work table or library. Something more practical solutions are storing recessed kitchen units or smaller heads if there is an installation and not enough room.

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Three Helpful Ideas to Improve Your Home

If you wish your home to be even more comfortable, or if you wish the price of your home to be increased, then you should definitely make some improvements to your home. So, what improvements are the best for you to increase your home value? Here is a list of few helpful tips how to improve your home; they will certainly increase value of your house:
1. Deck Addition
Adding a deck it will most likely increase your home’s value. Due to a staying at home during the vacation season by a great number of people, outdoor decorations became very popular today. Potential purchasers will find more charming if you make your backyard lovelier than it actually is; also, there will be more chances of selling the house. It is proven that the price of your home will be increased up to 65%-90% if you simply add a deck! The price of adding a deck depends on the size, type of material, and deck’s details. In other words, the price of the deck ranges from $1.200 to $10.000. You will save up a lot of money if placing the deck by yourself. But, you will need specific tools in order to do this, which are usually expensive.

2. Energy-Efficient Insulation
Energy that is efficient is very important for your house. If your home has old and drafty doors, and no basic insulation, then the home inspection will surely write this down into the report. Did you know that without a home that it is not energy efficient you will have more troubles to maintain it? Also, it is more expensive. Furthermore, it is affordable to upgrade your home if you wish to save some energy. For example, you can save up around $2.500 annually by modifying your house with this energy-efficient insulation.

Walls and ceilings of your house can be exposed to cracking, especially during the winter. Try purchasing a thermal leak detector which costs around $40 to find the leaks in your house. Places that tend to leak the most in your home, and which should be insulated the most, are:

1. Basement
2. Doors and windows
3. Electrical sockets and light switches
4. Recessed lighting
5. Attic hatch

A CFL-light bulb should be used in all the light fixtures of your home because they spend 75% less energy than the ordinary bulbs most people use daily.

3. Basic Updates

‘Basic updates’ cover making sure the paint on the walls is fresh and clean; keeping your roof is dry, making sure it is not leaking; Decaying wood should be replaced; and, any mold is eliminated. These home improvements will surely keep your home not become rotten. Due to the fact that possible purchasers search for clean and safe houses, the chances of selling your home will be increased.

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What interior, space in which we live in, says about us

On the basis of how your home is decorated, whether you use dark or bright colors, modern or rustic pieces, whether it is order or disorder, a lot of things can be predicted about your personality … By entering into someone’s living space, it is certain that we will hit some basic things related to that person, whether he is neat or not, if you read enough, if she liked to collect various items.

Each person has specific qualities that are reflected in the ambiance. Depending on the character, one’s interior must be over sized furniture pieces, which which show his power. Also, each character has its own color and it is not possible to impose him something it does not like. Certain colors have the same meaning for different types of characters. So white in one group can represent sterility and pedantry, and in others the simplicity that is full of opportunities or even void. Red, means joy and warmth, while others wake aggression and anger…
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In certain character space can positively affect people in the long run, especially in terms of their temperament and mitigate certain traits, while in others it is short term. Most improvement was noticed in forced and masochistic characters. With forced characters, temperament may be more or less pronounced, that is, mitigated in the long run

Distrust and suspicion that occur when designing the interior, eventually disappear. With masochistic characters, settings can only affect the short-term positive, but not for a longer period because of the excessive urge to suffering and punishment.

With the melancholic will be reduced sense of sadness and depression, as well as the use of sedatives and drinks. Their past behavior and response will remain the same, as well as unstable mood and emotions, which may occur in the same or even stronger form with choleric and melancholic.

Healthy characters are simple people who are satisfied with their life, have a high self-esteem, confidence and optimism. They were filled internally, communicative and open, and this is reflected in the decoration of home atmosphere. They love the creativity, innovative ideas and cheerful colors. According to some studies, these are the most common editors, educated people, athletes, artists, engineers…

Closed Character
4c65d00440bc50e062edb0cc85973266People who have this kind of character usually have a clear, strict principles, restrained attitude, high self-esteem, which is reflected in the decoration. Mostly it comes to people in high positions who have an exceptional sense of order and regulate the interior for a longer period of time. Principal precision and symmetry in the position of installation, reduced colors (brown, white), classic style, expressed his strictness without experimentation. People prone posing and showing, dependent on others’ support and opinion, often come from small towns or poor families. In accordance with this, and education, later, gradual education level, as well as an easier way to make money. They love to compete when it comes to buying things and furniture, but that is the envy of others because of what they own.

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Great ways to decorate your Living room

Living room interior designing is maybe the hardest thing to do when you decide to give your home a new and fresh look. Living room is a place where you spend most of your free time relaxing, drinking coffee with your friends, having wine and tea parties and so on. For this reason it is important that you feel comfortable and safe inside it and that you can do by hiring a professional interior designer or getting familiar with the latest trends in this area, which you can do by researching online, how to videos and suggestions of how to organize your living room are numerous and you can surely find what you like.

3Buying all the furniture that you need may take a lot of time but the embellishing your home with it is priceless, when you see strong first impression it can make on your friend you will forget about all of your troubles. Sofa is an unavoidable part of a living room and while some of the latest trends may suggest otherwise because living room with only chairs and ottomans are popular right now, majority of homes have a sofa in their living rooms. Finding the right sofa is the first thing you should do when you start redecorating your home, other furniture and color of walls should be harmonized with it. When you find the perfect one for you, you should look for other furniture, like bookcases, chairs, coffee tables and other. When you find all the right furniture and paint your walls in a color you picked you can start decorating your room to give a little more warmth and welcoming touch to it.

Don’t be afraid to mix all kinds of textures, colors and patterns when you are choosing your furniture and decorations, it can give depth and unique and fun look to your living room and yet it won’t be too much of course if you don’t mix more than two or three colors.


Silver or bronze trays in different shapes and sizes hanging of the walls of your living room are a new and stylish way to decorate it. Surely they leave strong first impressions and they will catch everybody’s eye. It is a nice way to fill your blank walls or replace old paintings.
If you don’t want to look for a perfect side table for your sofa, interesting and functional way to make one is to stack your books starting with the biggest book to the smallest one next to your couch.

Clocks on your wall are a great way to always know what time it is, but it is also beautiful as an ornament. Interesting idea that requires using clocks is surely picking your favorite places all over the Globe and setting clocks that show their time zones one next to another.

Flowers are always a great way to complete the look of your rooms, no matter which one. Pick your favorite flowers and put them in the vases all over the house, even better if the color of vases and the flowers are vibrant and bright it will make your room feel cheery.

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